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Cleaning of offices and trade areas in Rīga and Jūrmala

All office premises are unique and with their unique challenges. Big organisations and companies usually have huge working areas with different furniture, office department walls and office partitions. Usually, the offices are occupied every day by employees, clients and visitors. That creates dirt and waste in the premises on surfaces, furniture, interior accessories and equipment. It is hard to work and meet visitors in such an environment whilst trying to maintain a professional workplace.
The optimal solution is to request help from experienced specialists of our cleaning company. CLEANING RIGA offers a full range of office cleaning services in Rīga and Jūrmala. Before starting the work, our professionals see the premises, evaluate the works to be done, and coordinate the work stages and methods with clients. We know that your office routines have to continue so we provide our services at appropriate times to minimise disruption to your daily work schedules.

Other services: cleaning of apartments  and hotels



Employees of CLEANING RIGA have years of experience in the service field. Professional equipment and special cleaning products allow us to perform qualitative cleaning of premises by fully eliminating unpleasant odors and even the hardest to clean spots become shiny. The work plan is duly coordinated with the client and depends on the tasks that the employees of the company must perform.

The work plan for cleaning the offices:

  • dry and damp cleaning of all surfaces, doors and windows
  • professional cleaning of radiators, plumbing fixtures, pipes, lighting fixtures and office equipment
  • elimination of dirt from floor surfaces and interior accessories
  • taking out the waste

It is possible to perform both a one-time cleaning and regular cleaning. Special pricing tariffs and discounts apply to loyal customers. The prices of services are indicated in the price sheet. Travel for our specialists to the centre of Riga (zone 1) is free of charge.

Call us and order professional office cleaning!