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Professional cleaning of hotels and hostels in Rīga and Jūrmala

Cleanliness is very crucial and one of the biggest concerns in the hotel and hostels business. Keeping everything clean is a hard and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to large rooms and entrance or passageway areas. Hotel personnel do not always succeed in keeping the rooms perfectly clean and are not always specialists in using the necessary cleaning equipment and systematically applying materials required for the spotless and hygienic environment expected from your guests. Surfaces should be spotless and appropriate materials shold be applied in the correct quantities for cleaning the sanitary areas.

Other services: cleaning of apartments  and offices


In order to keep the hotels and hostels very clean, we advise you to ask for help from CLEANING RIGA. Our professionals will clean the premises quickly and with high quality, using their experience, special equipment and professional cleaning products. Correct organisation of the works to be performed is an important part of the work. Only true professionals can do the planned works in a short term.

Our team has not changed for many years. We have helped many private clients to keep their premises clean during this time. We understand the importance of such values as SPEED, QUALITY AND NON-DISCLOSURE OF WORK DETAILS.



  • Professional cleaning of all surfaces (ceiling, walls, floors)
  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets and bathrooms
  • Dishwashing, washing, ironing and putting on the bed linen
  • Preparation of premises for celebrations and thematic events

The CLEANING RIGA company offers professional hotel and hostel cleaning services in Rīga and Jūrmala. Affordable prices and high-quality work are the main benefits of the company. The necessary work performance plans are agreed beforehand with the customer. If you wish, you can order additional cleaning services. The list and prices for them are indicated in the price list. Ordering professionals to the centre of Riga (zone 1) is free of charge. If you request help from our professionals, the cleaning of premises will definitely be done at the highest quality.

Call and order our services now!