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How long does the standard and general cleaning of apartments take?
Standard cleaning in an 80-100 m2 apartment lasts around 2.5-3 hours.
General (full) cleaning in an 80-100 m2 apartment lasts 4.5-5 hours. 
What is the experience and competence of your employees?
Our employees have at least 3-5 years of experience in the cleaning and hospitality field. Our employees are fully competent and trustworthy, and they regard your privacy, personal priorities and private life highly.
Do you work on holidays and weekends?
We work at any time that is convenient for you, both on weekends and holidays.
We accept orders for holidays upon prior agreement (the order must be placed at least one day prior to heading out to the object).
What is included in the standard cleaning?
The standard cleaning of the living area (apartment or house) includes dusting of all vertical and horizontal surfaces, washing floors and tiles, full cleaning of bathrooms and toilets (irrespective of their amount), floors, ceiling and bathroom fixtures.
What is included in the general cleaning?
The general cleaning of living area includes dusting of all vertical and horizontal surfaces, cleaning lightning fixtures and mirrors, washing floors and tiles, full cleaning of bathroom and toilet floors, walls, ceiling and bathroom fixtures. Washing windows from the inside (mandatory) and outside (depends on the season).
What additional services can be ordered?
Additionally, you can order washing and ironing of bed linen, dishwashing, as well as cleaning of premises after parties.
Can the chemical cleaning products be smelled in the premises after cleaning?
No. All scents of chemical cleaning products air out within half an hour or an hour after processing of surfaces.
Do chemical cleaning products have a strong scent?
No, chemical cleaning products have a light scent (mainly a citrusy and fresh aroma). We also use products without aromas. The benefit of these cleaning products is that they do not cause allergies and are completely harmless for humans and pets. Products for cleaning the sanitary premises may be an exception. Usage of cleaning products is coordinated and adjusted according to the client’s preferences.
Are there any discounts for loyal clients?
Yes, we conclude agreements with our loyal customers for agreeable prices and favourable conditions. The discount system depends on the frequency of cleaning premises per calendar month.
What is a promo code, how does it work and how can I get it?
A promo code is a secret word that gives you the opportunity to get an individual discount for services of our company or a discount for special offers. By entering the special promo code in the “Promo code” field in our webpage, the client gets a 15 to 35% discount. The promo code is allocated to every client individually when concluding an agreement for services, or sent to client when visiting our website, our Facebook page, from our cooperation partners and by choosing one of the special offers within a specific promo.
If you have any questions about us and our services, please contact us!